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128-Channel Analog Multiplexers Feature Radiation-Hardening Packaging

Replacing up to eight industry-standard 16:1 analog multiplexers, the Rad-Pak 64- and 128-channel analog multiplexers feature a packaging technology that enhances radiation tolerance for space-orbit applications.

According to their manufacturer, these multiplexers are a cost-effective alternative to specialty components designed specifically for the space market. Spacecraft designers can benefit from the price and technology advantages of commercial components while affording microcircuit packages with radiation shielding that is tailored to their operational space orbit.

The radiation-enhanced (RE) multiplexers can withstand a total radiation dose of 100 krad (silicon). The radiation-hardened (RH) versions can tolerate a radiation dose of 300 krad (silicon). Both types are available with packaging and screening choices to meet MCM Class K requirements.

These devices include fault protection and a low constant on-resistance. They don't suffer from latchup or static-discharge blowout problems. Furthermore, they accept digital inputs that are designed to operate from TTL and CMOS logic levels without the need for pull-up resistors. And, they provide high isolation levels, typically 68 dB at 100 kHz, during power-out conditions.

In 25-unit quantities, the 64- and 128-channel analog multiplexers for Class H devices are priced at $5695 and $8500 each, respectively. Availability is from stock.

Space Electronics Inc., Maxwell Technologies' Electronics Components Group, 4031 Sorrento Valley Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103; (858) 452-4167; fax (858) 452-5499; www.maxwell.com.

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