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14-bit ADC Offers 1.1-GHz Bandwidth

The ADC14155 analog-to-digital converter features 14-bit, 155-Msample/s performance with a full-power bandwidth of 1.1 GHz. That’s 72% better than the closest 14-bit competitor, according to National Semiconductor. This wide bandwidth is particularly useful in wireless communication applications, because the device can digitize the first IF stage and eliminate the need for a second IF stage. The result is reduced component count and power consumption, with increased reliability.

Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) is 85 dB and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is 72 dB at an input frequency of 70 MHz, which is common in communications receivers. But low front-end jitter allows the ADC14155 to maintain a 72-dB SFDR and 68-dB SNR at inputs as high as 420 MHz. The device operates on a 3.3-V supply, consuming 980 mW (typical) with a power-down feature that reduces consumption to 5 mW. A separate +1.8-V supply for the digital interface permits low-power operation with reuced noise. The converter comes in a 48-pin LLP package.

The ADC is the first in a new family of high-speed 14-bit converters. Future units will include products ranging from 80 to 155 Msamples/s, with one- and two-channel versions, and CMOS and LVDS outputs. The ADC14155 will also be available with double-date-rate, parallel LVDS outputs.


The price of the ADC14155 is $61.75 in 1000-unit quantities.

Visit www.national.com/pf/DC/ADC14155.html

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