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14-Bit DAC Boasts 1.3-Gsample/s Speed

The MB86065 is a 14-bit, 1.3-Gsample/s d/a converter that is well-suited to communications and consumer applications, where there is no second transmit or diversity channel, and in cost-effective multi-sector systems. The one-channel device is derived from the MB86064 dual 14-bit, 1-Gsample/s DAC. The higher conversion rate of the MB86065 enables direct-IF frequencies to be guaranteed above 400 MHz. This widens the spurious-free generating region and relaxes subsequent filtering requirements. The MB86065 is backward-compatible with the “DAC A” channel of the MB86064 and integrates the same Waveform Memory Module (WMM) developed for the earlier device. The WMM allows waveforms to be downloaded and executed on-chip, which reduces the need for a high-speed data generator for device test and evaluation. The new DAC offers the same system-partitioning solution with digital processing using the latest 0.65 micron ASIC or FPGA technology. In particular, reprogrammable implementations provide flexibility with no impact on the mixed-signal component, which defines system performance. The MB86065 comes in an enhanced fine-pitch ball grid array (EFBGA) package measuring 12 mm x 12 mm. Customer development kits and sample devices will be available in early 2007, with mass production scheduled for April 2007. The DAC costs $34 each/10,000. FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS AMERICA, Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 746-6200.


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