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150- And 200-V MOSFETs Boost Converter Efficiency

A series of 150- and 200-V HEXFET power MOSFETs increases efficiency by up to 1% in 48-V input isolated dc-dc converters. The MOSFETs provide optimized device on-resistance and gate charge characteristics. The de-vices deliver up to 20% higher current-carrying capability than the closest competing devices in a TO-220 package. The IRFS38N20D and IRFS52N15D suit primary-side sockets in single-output, board-mounted power (BMP) modules or in multiple-output power supplies. They can also be used in hot-swap circuits and active ORing circuits. In a typical 150-W half-brick module, the 200-V IRFS38N20D delivers 91.5% efficiency at 5 V and 30 A, 1% higher than the industry-standard device. It also runs 28°C cooler than the competing device, allowing significant board space savings. Both parts are also available in D2Pak and TO-262 packages. In 10,000-unit quantities, pricing starts at $1.10 each for the IRFS38N20D and IRFS52N15D in the D2Pak. The parts are available immediately.

International Rectifier; (310) 252-7105

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