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16-Bit DAS Chip Raises Integration Bars

On a single chip, the MAX1329 data-acquisition system (DAS) integrates data converters for both signal conditioning and sensor excitation. It packs a 12-/16-bit ADC, dual 12-bit force-sense DACs, and voltage references. The 12-bit ADC delivers a 300-ksamples/s conversion rate, making the device suitable for profiling fast-decaying transient signals. For greater resolution, internal dithering and digital signal processing extend the ADC's native 12-bit resolution to 16-bits. The 12-bit DACs (±2 LSB INL, ±1 DNL) specify a maximum settling time of 10 ?s. Other features include analog blocks integrating operational amplifiers, a 16:1 input multiplexer, programmable-gain amplifier, and SPDT and SPST solid-state switches. The MAX1329 operates from a 1.8V to 3.6V digital supply and a 2.7V to 5.5V analog supply. Additionally, an on-chip charge pump provides an extra +5V/25-mA supply. With all analog blocks enabled, quiescent current is 3.75 mA, dropping to 0.5 ?A in shutdown mode. Available in a 40-pin, 6 mm x 6 mm TQFN package, prices start at $7.49 each/1,000. MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 998-8800.


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