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16-Port Transceiver Provides Cost-Per-Port Economies

The DS26519 from Dallas Semiconductor reduces cost per port in channel service units, data service units, multiplexers, switches, routers, channel banks, and test equipment. This 16-port, T1/E1/J1 long- and short-haul transceiver doesn’t need any mechanical relays for redundancy protection because it uses what Dallas calls “hitless protection switching,” which presents high impedance at transmit outputs and receive inputs whenever there’s no power.

Additionally, it offers software-selectable, internal receive- and transmit-side termination for 75-Ω E1 coaxial, 100-Ω T1 twisted-pair, 110-Ω J1 twisted-pair, or 120-Ω E1 twisted-pair applications. Performance monitoring and diagnostics include a bit-error-rate tester; loss-of-signal indication; analog, local, remote, and dual loopbacks; large error counters for BPV, CV, CRC-6, CRC-4, and E-bit; in-band repeating-pattern generation/detection; and JTAG.

Housed in a 484-pin heat-slug ball-grid array (HSBGA) package, the DS26519 costs $69.96 in sample quantities. The eight-port DS26518 comes in a 256-pin BGA and costs $40.60.

Maxim Integrated Products

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