Electronic Design
256-Tap Digital Pots Control 16 Devices On One Bus

256-Tap Digital Pots Control 16 Devices On One Bus

Adding to the company’s portfolio of digitally-programmable potentiometers (DPPs), the CAT5270 and CAT5271 dual-channel digital potentiometers integrate 256 resistor taps and an I 2C-compatible interface. The DPPs feature a volatile wiper register, making them suitable for applications using a microcontroller with on-chip memory for wiper recall or for systems that do not require memory. The CAT5270 allows microprocessor control of up to 16 devices from a single bus, while the CAT5271 offers a single, fixed address. Both devices are available with end-to-end resistance options of 50 kΩ and 100 kΩ and they can function as a potentiometer or as a two-terminal, variable rheostat. Prices for the CAT5270 and CAT5271 are $0.81 and $0.90 each/10,000, respectively. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, Phoenix, AZ. (800) 282-9855.


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