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28-Pin Flash Microcontroller Integrates Five-Channel ADC

The PIC16F72 PICmicro Flash microcontroller incorporates a five-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). To accommodate today's short product lifecycles, it is code and pin-out compatible with the company's PIC16CR72 ROM-based and PIC16C72A OTP-based microcontrollers. This device delivers 3.6 kbytes of flash memory, 128 bytes of RAM, and up to 5-MIPS performance at 20 MHz. It operates over the range of 2.0 to 5.5 V. Additional features include a Capture/Compare/pulse-width modulation module, two 8-bit timers, and one 16-bit timer. A watchdog timer, brownout detection/reset (BOR), and in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) technology are also included. Serial I/O supports SPI and I2C communications protocols. The PIC16F72 is available in 28-lead PDIP, SOIC, QFN, and SSOP packages. In 1000-unit quantities, pricing starts at $1.97 each for the PDIP, SOIC, and QFN packages and at $2.05 each for the SSOP package.

Microchip Technology Inc.
www.microchip.com; (480) 792-7668

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