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3.3V Video Amps Occupy Just 15 mm2

Occupying just 15mm2 of board space in a 10-pin MSOP, the LT6550 triple and LT6551 quad video amplifiers are claimed as the smallest such devices on the market. Offering further space savings, they integrate the gain-setting resistors on chip. Both devices feature a -3 dB bandwidth of 110 MHz, slew rate of 340 V/µs, and a settling time of 2 ns to 3%. They have the ability to accept RGB video signals without the need for ac coupling or level shifting of the incoming signals. An internal gain of two allows them to drive double-terminated cables. With rail-to-rail outputs and an input common mode range that includes ground, the LT6550 triple can be used on either single or split supplies from 3V to 12.6V. The LT6551 quad is designed for single supply operation. Other features include an operating temperature range from -40_C to +85_C and a 15-bit, RGB 1024 x 768 resolution. Pricing starts at $1.75 each/1,000. LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (800) 454-6327.


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