Electronic Design

36V 2A Buck Regulator Integrates Power Schottky

Design Note 412

Everyone wants more power in less space. However, the task of designing a power supply is easy to describe but difficult to execute. How does a designer select an optimal set of components that yields the best possible power supply in terms of size, cost and performance? Well, it is easier if the selection is reduced to only a handful of components.

For instance, the LT®3681 reduces parts selection to only a few passive components by integrating all of the power semiconductors necessary to make a buck converter into a single package. Don’t think that this high level of integration limits the usefulness of this part. The LT3681 accepts inputs from 3.6V to 34V, provides excellent line and load regulation and dynamic response, and offers a high efficiency solution over a wide load range while keeping the output ripple low during Burst Mode® operation. Furthermore, its frequency is adjustable from 300kHz to 2.8MHz, enabling the use of small, low cost inductors and ceramic capacitors.

Download the full Design Note as a PDF.

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