Electronic Design

Absolute Phase Coherence Between Channels Key To 1.5-GHz ADC Board

One or two channels of 8-bit, 1.5-GHz a-d conversion and FPGAs combine in a single 6U VME 64X slot on the ECAD-X-081500 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) board. Absolute phase coherence is maintained between channels for two-channel models. The ECAD-X-081500 uses Maxim's MAX108 8-bit, 1.5-GHz ADCs, providing a-d sample rates from 100 MHz to 1.5 GHz. Front-panel connectors are provided for analog input, a-d clock, sync signal, trigger, 128-bit auxiliary data input, and low-voltage differential signaling I/O. Each channel comes equipped with a 4-Msample FIFO buffer. Also, every channel interfaces with one, two, or three FPGAs from the Xilinx 10000 or 16000 Virtex series. Single-piece pricing for the ECAD-X-081500 starts at $13,000.

Echotek Corp.
www.echotek.com; (256) 721-1911

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