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ADC Increases Cellular Coverage

Designed to expand cellular phone coverage with fewer dropped calls, the AD9445 assumes position as the first 14-bit, 125-Msample/s a/d converter to achieve a SFDR of 85 dBc at 225 MHz and a SNR of 72.5 dBfs at input frequencies up to 300 MHz. At 300 MHz, SFDR is 80 dBc. The device specifies an aperture jitter of 60 fs, typical differential nonlinearity of ±0.2 LSB, and an integral nonlinearity of ±1.0 LSB. Other features include an input voltage range up to 3.2 Vp-p, an on-chip reference and track-and-hold, and parallel low-voltage differential signaling outputs. Optimized for multi-carrier, multi-mode receivers, target applications include antenna array positioning, power amplifier linearization, broadband wireless, radar, and imaging. Available in lead-free, 100-lead TQFPs with exposed paddles, prices for the AD9445-125 and AD9445-105 are $59.50 and $49.30 each/1,000, respectively. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643


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