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ADC Stakes Claim To Low Power Record

Claiming to be the industry's fastest and lowest power a/d converter, the ADC081000 digitizes signals with an 8-bit resolution at sampling rates up to 1.6 GHz while consuming 1.4W from a 1.9V nominal supply. This is said to translate into 75% less power than compa- rable devices. At the full sampling rate and input frequencies up to 100 MHz, the device achieves a DNL of 0.15 LSB, 0.35 LSB INL, and 7.5 ENOB. Other features include a unique folding and interpolating architecture. Folding reduces the number of comparators while interpolation reduces the number of front-end amplifiers required. Available in a 128-lead, exposed-pad package, price is $100 each/1,000. NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 721-6929.


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