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ADC/Diff Amp Claim Best ENOB/SFDR/Gain-Flatness Figures

Unveiled as a duo, the 2.5-GHz LMH6554 wideband differential amplifier and the 10-bit, 2 Gsamples/s ADC10D1000 a/d converter specify what the company states are the best ENOB, SFDR, and gain-flatness figures to date. The combo targets ground-based radar, data acquisition systems, point-to-point base stations, and next-generation set-top boxes. At a frequency of 248 MHz, the ADC10D1000 specifies a SFDR of 66 dBc and a 9.1 ENOB figure. Operating from a single supply, the converter consumes 2.8W of power. The LMH6554 differential amplifier drives theADC10D1000, providing a 0.1-dB gain flatness up to 800 MHz, SFDR of 72 dBc at 250 MHz, and an input-voltage noise performance of 0.9 nV/?Hz. The ADC10D1000 comes in a leaded or lead-free, 292-ball thermally-enhanced BGA while the LMH6554 resides in a thermally-enhanced, 14-pin FCOL package. Samples of both are available now with production set for the first quarter of 2009. Price for the LMH6554 is $4.50 each/1,000. NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959.


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