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ADCs Claim Industry's Best Dynamic Performance

Claiming to possess the industry's best dynamic performance, a new family of pin-compatible ADCs are available in speeds up to 250 Msps. The family includes the 12-bit MAX1213 at 170 Msps, 10-bit MAX1122 at 170 Msps, 10-bit MAX1123 at 210 Msps, 10-bit MAX1124 at 250 Msps, and 8-bit MAX1121 at 250 Msps. The 12-bit MAX1213 offers a SNR of 65.5 dB that remains flat (within 1.5 dB) up to 250 MHz input frequency. It also has noise power ratio (NPR) of 62 dB, which is claimed as better than the closest competitor by 3 dB while consuming 30% less power. At the 10-bit level, the MAX1123 delivers an SNR of 57.5 dB that remains flat up to 500 MHz input frequency. And power consumption is less than 500 mW at sample rates up to 250 Msps, claimed as an industry first. At the 8-bit level, the MAX1121 delivers a SNR of 48.8 dB, a SFDR of 68 dBc and a differential nonlinearity of +0.1 LSB. Available in 68-pin QFN-EP packages, prices start at $23.85 each/1000+. An evaluation kit is also available. MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 998-8800.


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