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ADCs Consume 36 µA Per 18-bit Conversion

Unveiled as low-power, high-resolution delta-sigma a/d converters, the MCP3422, MCP3423, and MCP3424 ADCs provide 18-bits of resolution and consume 135 µA at 3V continuous conversion. The multi-channel devices integrate a voltage reference, programmable gain amplifier, and an oscillator in DFN packages as small as a 2 mm x 3 mm. Target markets include industrial (portable weigh scales, instrumentation, handheld meters, and multimeters), medical (portable heart-rate monitors, blood-pressure monitors, and glucose meters), consumer (weigh scales and handheld meters), and automotive (sensor interfaces and fuel gauges). Available now, prices range from $2.06 to $2.80 each/10,000. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (888) 628-6247.


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TAGS: Automotive
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