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ADCs Operate At Rates Beyond 175 MHz

Reporting high dynamic performance from baseband to beyond 175 MHz, the MAX12xx family of a/d converters offer 12- and 14-bit resolutions and sampling rates up to 80 Msamples/s. For baseband and IF applications, the 14-bit MAX12553 delivers up to 65 Msamples/s, while the 12-bit MAX1209 handles IF chores with a rate of 80 Msamples/s. Also targeting baseband applications, the 12-bit MAX1208, MAX1207, and MAX1205 provide throughput rates up to 65, 65, and 40 Msamples/s, respectively. In 40-pin QFN-EP packages, all devices in the family are pin compatible and operate in temperatures from -408C to +858C. Prices start at $24.85 for the 14-bit family and $8.95 for the 12-bit devices, each/1,000. MAXIMUM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS, Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 998-8800


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