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ADI: Analog Essential To HDTV Experience

While cutting-edge digital technology is what most consumers associate with HDTV, analog technology is a key component of the range of audio-visual systems involved in the high-definition (HD) experience, according to analog signal-processing company Analog Devices (ADI), which recently launched a portfolio of HDTV solutions. "What designers of digital entertainment products know, and what consumers may not realize, is that analog performance is paramount to the quality of the digital entertainment experience," John Hussey, vice president of High-Speed Signal Processing for Analog Devices, said in a statement. Analog technology can help produce big sound from the thin TVs without external speakers, adjust volume automatically, and compensate for poor cable connections that degrade image and sound. These factors produce a number of design challenges that ADI attempts to address through its advanced television solutions portfolio, Advantiv. The Advantiv line offers high-performance audio, video, display, and HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface)-compliant connectivity solutions. Since thin panels don't leave room for large speakers, ADI audio processors enhance the listening experience. The ADAV43x2 and ADAV44x2 advanced TV audio processor families feature automatic volume control, dynamic bass, a multi-band equalizer and stereo delay memory for audio/video synchronization. For video compression, ADI's Wavescale technology preserves high-definition quality even in noisy wireless environments, giving consumers the ability to add a wireless HD connection while maintaining image quality. ADI's ADV216 Wavescale video compression CODEC is made for wireless and wired high-definition video transmission. To integrate peripherals like TV, DVD, and cable box remotes, as well as video recorders and portable media players, ADI introduced the ADV7520NK. The HDMI v1.3-compatible transmitter synchronizes media devices for easier use. ADI is working with leading digital TV and HD home theater equipment manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba to engineer the video, audio and connectivity building blocks necessary to deliver the HDTV experience.

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