Electronic Design

AFEs Target ECG/EEG Measurements

TI-ADS1291-2-2R,ADS1191-2PR-AThe ADS1298 analog front end (AFE) family features five new fully integrated AFEs for portable biopotential measurement applications. The new electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalograph (EEG) AFEs are claimed as the first to offer 16- and 24-bit resolution with 1 or 2 channels. The devices cut power consumption by more than 94% compared to discrete implementations, while shrinking board space requirements up to 86%. This enables portable medical, sports and fitness equipment to combine long battery life with a form factor that is smaller, lighter and easier to wear. Other key features include integrated low-noise programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), test signals, a right-leg drive amplifier, oscillator, voltage reference and lead-off detection function to simplify design, while cutting power consumption to only 335 µW/channel. The AFEs support AAMI and IEC requirements with an input-referred noise below 8 µVpk-pk to support end-equipment performance requirements. Common applications for the new AFEs in the ADS1298 family include Holter and fitness heart-rate monitors. Pricing is $1.50 each/1,000 for ADS1191, $2.50 each for the ADS1192, $2.00 each for the ADS1291, $3.50 each for the ADS1292, and $4.50 each for the ADS1292R, with respiration impedance. EVMs for the new AFEs can be purchased today for $99. The AFEs are available in a 7-by-7-mm TQFP package.


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