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Analog: LVDS SERDES Chip Set Can Take The Heat Under The Hood

Two low-voltage differential-signaling (LVDS) interface chips for automotive applications perform at up to 125° C, delivering up to 10 bits of digital data at 20 to 80 MHz over a single point-to-point differential interconnect in backplanes or cable. The SCAN921025H serializer and SCAN921226H deserializer also include integrated built-in self-test and JTAG. They embed the clock in the serial data stream, eliminating any clock-to-data and data-to-data skew problem. A synchronization mode enables the deserializer to lock to a signal within specified lock times. Alternatively, thanks to a lock-to-random-data feature, the receiver can synchronize automatically to raw data without system intervention, training patterns, or the need for an accurate reference clock. In FBGA-49 packaging, the SCAN921025H serializer and SCAN921226H deserializer cost at $5.90 each in 1000-unit quantities.

National Semiconductor

TAGS: Automotive
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