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Electronic Design

Analog/Power: One-Chip Video-Signal Conditioners Handle Cable/Camera Variations

For those security and process-control systems that employ multiple TV cameras, the MAX754x video-signal conditioners will find themselves between the video source and a switcher. They restore the dc level of ac-coupled video inputs, correct for amplitude variations up to ±6 dB, detect fault conditions, and filter out-of-band noise. Previously, these functions had to be implemented with a handful of discretes and op amps. The MAX7450 and 7451 set the output blanking level of the video signal to ground using a back-porch clamp. The MAX7452 features a user-adjustable 1- to 1.5-V back-porch clamp. In SO8 packages, they cost $1.49 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Maxim Integrated Products

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