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Anritsu Analyzers Monitor Spectrum At NFL Games

Snap quiz: How many rf frequencies are in use at a stadium during a regular season NFL game? The answer: about 400 or more. That’s according to Anritsu Co., which should know since it has won a contract worth more than $500,000 to supply the NFL with 36 MS2721B Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzers. The instruments will be used by the league’s Game Day Frequency Coordinators (GDCs) to research, troubleshoot, and analyze the rf spectrum at the league’s 32 stadiums before, during, and after games. The MS2721B units delivered to the NFL are configured with interference analysis and channel scanner options to ensure that the GDCs efficiently coordinate the frequencies used during a game. Radio systems are used by coaches to communicate with players on the field, all broadcast TV and radio entities, medical teams, team security, and public safety personnel. In fact, six MS2721B spectrum analyzers were used to monitor more than 2000 frequencies during this year’s Super Bowl Week and on Super Bowl Sunday. “Wireless communications usage has increased greatly since the league first implemented GDCs at Super Bowl XXX,” explained Jay Gerber, manager of the NFL’s Frequency Organization Group. “We also had to consider the ever-shrinking rf spectrum as a result of Digital TV and re-allocation of frequencies. Recognizing these factors, we wanted to provide our GDCs with the instruments they need to do the job effectively. The Anritsu MS2721B analyzer has proven to be a great tool to ensure they locate and resolve any rf conflict.” Anritsu

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