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Audio Codec Chip Targets LCD Handhelds

Developed for LCD-based handheld applications, the UCB1400 is an advanced mixed-signal audio codec chip. With a small form factor, it suits battery-powered devices, including PDAs, handheld PCs, Internet-enabled mobile phones, and wireless Web terminals. It combines audio codec functions, a touchscreen controller, and power-management interfaces and fully complies with Revision 2.1 of Intel's AC '97 Specification. This lets the UCB1400 communicate with the AC Link host controllers of a variety of Intel embedded processors, including future processors based on Intel's XScale microarchitecture. It integrates a 20-bit stereo codec for audio processing and supports programmable sample rates, I/O gain, and digital sound processing, including volume, mute, bass, and treble controls. The codec and touchscreen controller cost $4.60 in sub-1000 quantities.

Philips Semiconductors

TAGS: Mobile Intel
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