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Audio Transistors Handle 350V Collector To Emitter

Emerging as the industry's highest voltage bipolar transistors designed for audio amplifier output stages, the MJL4281A (NPN) and MJL4302A (PNP) 15A, 230W power transistors specify a sustained collector-to-emitter voltage of 350V. Comparable devices are said to be available with ratings up to 230V. Both transistors provide a safe operating area that allows for a collector current and voltage of 1.2A and 100V, respectively, at 1 second, which is said to enable high bandwidth and low-distortion output. Other features include a uniform linearity from 100 mA to 5A and gains from 80 to 250. Available in TO-264 packages, price is $1.85 each/10,000. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, PHOENIX, AZ. (800) 282-9855.


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