Electronic Design

Bebop To The Boolean Boogie, Second Edition

An unconventional guide to electronics fundamentals, components, and processesBy Clive “Max” Maxfield

“Friendly, funny, and quirky” are the words used to describe the second edition of Bebop To The Boolean Boogie. The author’s informative yet entertaining style will appeal to students, hobbyists, and working engineers alike. The book provides a broad and comprehensive introduction to electronics.

The book is divided into two sections. Section one covers fundamentals, while section two moves on to components and processes. Chapter one really does start at the beginning, with a discussion of analog versus digital. The fundamentals of such topics as electricity, semiconductors, logic, and boolean algebra complete the section. The second part of the book works its way from an overview of ICs to chapters on memories, ASICs, boards, and multichip modules. The last chapter rounds out the book with a discussion of alternative and future technologies.

Numerous appendices (including a seafood gumbo recipe) and a very thorough glossary provide additonal value. A CD-ROM contains a searchable version of the book, and also a bonus chapter called “An Illustrated History of Electronics and Computing.”

While the content is very good, it’s the author’s style that makes the book shine. Lively writing, with humor and interesting trivia scattered throughout, gives this book its jazzy ‘Bebop’ style.

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