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Bi-CMOS Op Amps Feature Low Offset Current

The MCP616, MCP617, MCP618 and MCP619 are single supply op amps offering a gain bandwidth product of 190 MHz with a typical operating current of 20µA. They offer rail-to-rail inputs and outputs that allow operation from low supply voltages with large input and output signal swings. The devices combine non-volatile memory and PNP inputs, resulting in an offset voltage of less than 75 µV typical. Available in single (MCP616), dual (MCP617) and quad (MCP619) versions, packaging options include PDIPs, SOICs and TSSOPs. Pricing starts at $0.56 each/1,000 for the MCP616 and MCP618; $0.74 for the MCP617, and $1.10 for the quad MCP619.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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