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BiCMOS Op Amps Produce Low Noise & Run Rail-To-Rail

The TS92x series of BiCMOS, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers is said to be distinguished by low-noise operation and high output current capabilities. The family includes the TS922 dual op amp and two quad devices, the TS924 and TS925. The latter offers a low-impedance phantom ground (internal low-noise reference set at VCC/2) and a low-power standby mode in which total current consumption is reduced to just 6 µA (VCC = 3V).Each device operates over a wide input range of 2.7V to 12V and is fully specified for 3V and 5V operation. In addition to rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, the devices offer 80-mA output current, which enables them to drive very low output impedances. They remain stable, it's claimed, even when charging with load capacitances as high as 500 pF. With equivalent input noise voltage of 9 nV/ÃHz and typical THD of 0.005% (at f = 1 kHz), the amps are suited for battery-powered audio and telecomm applications, such as portable phones, headphone and sound-card amplifiers, multimedia boards and instrumentation systems.


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