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Bipolar RF Transistors Offer 25-GHz Transition Frequency

Two new silicon npn planar RF transistors can serve as RF front ends for analog and digital wireless communication systems up to 3 GHz. The TSDF2005W and TSDF2020W feature a 25-GHz transition frequency and excellent dynamic performance. They also boast noise figures of 1.2 and 1.1 dB and power gain values of 21 dB and 20 dB, respectively.

The 5-mA TSDF2005W and 20-mA TSDF2020W offer collector-base capacitances of 0.05 pF and 0.15 pF. Both devices feature a typical transducer gain of 17 dB and low feedback capacitance. The devices' compact plastic surface-mount SOT343 package measures 2.05 by 1.25 mm with a 1.0-mm high profile. Emitter pins serve also as thermal leads.

Each transistor is rated for a collector-base voltage of 10 V, a collector-emitter voltage of 3.5 V, and an emitter base voltage of 1.5 V. The TSDF2005W has a collector current of 12 mA and total power dissipation of 40 mW at an ambient temperature of less than 132°C. The TSDF2020W's collector current is 40 mA and maximum total power dissipation is 200 mW at an ambient temperature of less than 60°C.

Pricing for both transistors starts at $12.00 per 100 pieces for quantities of 100,000.

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