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Bipolar Transistors Save Space

Bipolar Transistors Save Space

The company’s first bipolar transistors in its miniature PowerDI5 surface-mount package are designed on a fifth-generation matrix emitter process, yielding a range of 12 NPN and PNP transistors with a footprint of 26 mm2. The PowerDI5 devices reportedly consume 47% less space than SOT223 devices and 60% less than DPAKs. Minimum copper power rating is 0.74W and thermal resistance is 75ºC/W on 25 mm x 25 mm copper and FR4 to give a power rating of 1.7W. In 100V, 140V and 200V ratings with low saturation voltage and fast switching characteristics, the DXT2013P5, DXT2014P5, and DXTP03200BP5 achieve good efficiency levels in SLIC dc/dc converters. In linear battery chargers, the 20V DXTP19020DP5 ensures battery charging to full capacity even at low charger input voltage. Prices range from $0.20 to $0.30 each/10,000. DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.


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