Electronic Design

BiSy Protection Diode Has Low Capacitance

Vishay-AThe VCUT07B1-HD1 bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) single-line ESD protection diode, from Vishay, specifies a capacitance of 14 pF in an ultra-compact LLP1006-2L package. With a 1.0 mm by 0.6 mm footprint and a profile of 0.38 mm, the protection diode is designed to reduce the board space required for ESD protection in portable electronics, including notebook computers and smartphones. At the working voltage of ± 7 V, the diode offers a high isolation to ground characterized by a leakage current of < 0.1 µA. Any transient voltage signal exceeding the reverse breakdown voltage of 7.3 V minimum at 1 mA will be clamped or shorted to ground. The device is lead-free and complies with RoHS 2011/65/EU as well as the company's green environmental specifications. Samples of the VCUT07B1-HD1 are available now, while production quantities will be available in Q4 2012, with lead times of 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery only is $6.00 each/100.

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