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BlueGenie Voice Interface Runs Bluetooth Headset

The newly introduced BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth headset uses Sensory Inc.’s BlueGenie Voice Interface to provide integrated voice control and high-quality speech synthesis technology. The V1 is the first Bluetooth headset with a true voice user interface (VUI) and the first stand-alone headset with Bluetooth version 2.1, according to the company.

Users control the V1 with simple phrases like “pair me,” “call home,” “call favorite,” “call GOOG-411,” and “accept or ignore call.” Users do not need to interpret confusing beep sequences or LEDs to check headset status. BlueGenie’s voice synthesis capability enables the V1 to speak back to consumers, letting them know device settings including successful pairing, battery power level, connection status, etc.

BlueGenie also makes the initial set up of the V1 easier because it talks the user through all set up and pairing and contains a voice manual, accessible by saying “teach me” to provide the user tips and tricks on voice commands. Also, any time users want to know what commands to use with the V1, they simply ask “what can I say?” and a menu of options will be read to them.

“We were pleased to team with Sensory on the V1 to be first to market with a voice controlled Bluetooth headset,” said Taisen Maddern, CEO, BlueAnt. “We believe the V1 will set the bar for the industry in terms of headset ease of use, form, and functionality.”



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