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Busbar-Mounted Contactors Are Compact, Lightweight, And Tough

Designed for high-reliability applications, the WB, ZB, and HB series of busbar-mounted actuators serve applications in commercial and military/aerospace settings (see the figure). The contactors, which are lightweight and compact, are simple to install. They represent a significant addition to the options available to designers in the aerospace and power-switching arenas.

The Busbar WB, ZB, and HB product lines are dust-sealed designs weighing only between 1.25 and 2 lb. All of the contactors meet Mil-PRF-6106 environmental requirements for mechanical shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuations.

Engineered for quick-change installation and configured to be mounted in any orientation, the series features high-reliability contacts with improved wear resistance and longer lifespan. The HB series offers ground fault protection to ensure fast isolation within milliseconds in case of a fault. All three series feature faster switching that minimizes heat dissipation for improved power distribution.

The WB, ZB, and HB Busbar-mount contactor lines are available from stock.

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