Electronic Design

Can You Meet These Criteria?

This job description comes from True Circuits' HR Req:

  • MSEE required, PhD preferred with 5+ years experience in mixed-signal IC design, with emphasis on analog design
  • Experience with several analog/mixed-signal IC development cycles including design, simulation, layout, and testing
  • Knowledge of PLLs, DLLs, oscillators, SERDES, I/Os, controllers, and high-speed digital circuits
  • Experience with transistor-level design, block-level integration, and block-level simulation
  • Understanding of simulation models, design rules, verification procedures (DRC/LVS/ERC), and transistor-level simulations is essential
  • Experience with design practices such as minimizing device mismatch, noise, and signal coupling is a plus
  • Knowledge of process technology and physics related to submicron CMOS silicon technologies
  • Experience with simulation tools required to efficiently simulate analog/mixed-signal circuits
  • Experience with CAD tools, Linux/Unix environments, and scripting/programming
  • Knowledge of differential ring oscillators, LC tank oscillators, bandgap references, biasing techniques, high-speed frequency divider circuits, and linear feedback system techniques is a plus
  • Project leadership experience is a plus
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