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Checklist Helps Pick Analog/M-S, RF Foundry

The Global Semiconductor Alliance’s Analog/Mixed-Signal/Radio Frequency (AMS/RF) Process Checklist Version 1.0 aims to make it easier for semiconductor companies to obtain information on an AMS/RF foundry process. It specifically targets the information need to evaluate a foundry’s AMS/RF process and determine if it addresses all of the company’s needs.

The checklist was developed by the Alliance’s MS/RF Subcommittee’s Process Control Monitoring/Process Checklist Working Group. The list includes the seven key factors of an AMS/RF foundry process offering, as determined by the Alliance:

  • process type
  • process release status
  • process attributes
  • passive device attributes
  • foundry logistics
  • active device attributes
  • libraries and IP

The Alliance notes that wafer foundries, which provide the checklist information, also benefit from it because the quality of communication with the semiconductor companies is enhanced and improved. As a result, the checklist becomes an effective marketing tool.

Global Semiconductor Alliance

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