Electronic Design

Chopping Circuit Aids Switch Repeatability

Allegro-AAllegro Microsystems’ A1250 bipolar switch features high temperature stability and stress resistance, suiting it for operation over ended temperature ranges to +150°C. A high-speed chopping circuit integrated into the design nulls out offsets, which significantly improves switching repeatability. Dynamic offset cancellation enables the high temperature performance—it reduces the residual offset voltage that typically results from device overmolding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress. An on-board regulator permits operation with 3.0- to 24-V supply voltages. Two package styles (lead-free only, with a 100% matte tin-plated leadframe) are available: package-type LH, a modified, surface-mountable SOT-23W; and the UA, a three-lead, ultra-mini SIP for through-hole mounting. Target applications include the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. Pricing starts at $0.55 each/1,000.


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