Class-AB and -D Audio Amps Target Automotive Start-Stop

Class-AB and -D Audio Amps Target Automotive Start-Stop



Eindhoven, Netherlands: According to NXP, its two new audio amplifiers increase efficiency for energy-saving start-stop automotive systems. Both amps enable an uninterrupted audio experience during sudden supply voltage drops down to 6V in hybrid electric vehicles, micro-hybrids, mild hybrids, and other cars.

The TDF8530 quad-channel Class-D audio amplifier supports the 6V requirement for start-stop vehicles. It suits automotive head unit and sound system platforms, as well as high-end home-entertainment systems.

With a maximum supply voltage up to 24V delivering 72W per channel, the TDF8530 also offers diagnostics and protection to ensure automotive robustness. Controlled via the I\\[SUPERSCRIPT 2\\]C bus, the advanced diagnostics include unique startup diagnostics and functions such as speaker protection, clip detection, and ac load tweeter detection. The thermal foldback integrated in hardware protects the device from overheating.

The TDF8546 quad-channel Class-AB amplifier operates as low as 6V. According to NXP, it reduces power dissipation by 17% compared to other high-efficiency solutions in its class. The TDF8546 eliminates switch noise in the signal path and, like the TDF8530, offers diagnostics and protection for automotive robustness.

NXP says that several car audio system manufacturers have already selected the TDF8546, including Visteon.


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