Electronic Design

Class D Amp Suppresses EMI

Unveiled as the industry’s first 5W stereo Class D amplifier that effectively mitigates electromagnetic interference (EMI), the Si270x is viable for use in a wide range of price- and noise-sensitive consumer audio products. The device uses multi-layer EMI mitigation technology to suppress traditional Class D interference at its source, enabling easier EMI compliance, AM/FM radio co-existence and smart phone compatibility. According to the company, it can enable a 2.5x increase in play time over Class A/B-based systems while using only half the number of batteries. For example, a consumer audio system based on the Si270x amplifier can provide up to 8.4 hours of play time using four AA alkaline batteries. The Si270x Class D audio amplifiers are available in 24-pin QFN packages. Pricing is $1.17 each/10,000. SILICON LABORATORIES INC., Austin, TX. (877) 444-3032.

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