Electronic Design

Clock/Data X-Point Switches Mux Or Buffer At 2 Gbits/s

For clock buffering/multiplexing or data transmission in high-speed network routing and wireless basestations, two 4-by-4 low-voltage differential-signaling, nonblocking crosspoint switches operate at more than 2.0 Gbits/s. Each output driver of Texas Instruments' SN65LVDS250 and SN65LVDT250 includes a 4:1 multiplexer to allow any input to be routed to any output. (The "T" device includes termination resistors.) Internal signal paths are fully differential to achieve high signaling speeds and low signal skews. A flow-through pinout simplifies board layout. Both chips are available in 38-pin TSSOPs. Thousand-quantity unit-pricing is $7.75.

Texas Instruments

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