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CMOS Op Amp Consumes 300 µA From 5V Supply

Compatibility with industry-standard 7101 low-power op amps is one benefit of the CMC7101A, the first in a family of CMOS op amps. The device is said to offer the lowest available supply voltage capability- 2.7V- in an SOT23-5 package.Drawing just 300 µA from a 5V supply, the rail-to-rail input and output amplifier has a 1-MHz gain-bandwidth product and a 1V/µs slew rate. Its common-mode input range exceeds the rails by 300 mV, while the output can drive more than 75 mA. That output level is said to represent an "instant upgrade" to industry-standard 7101 applications. At a 600 ohm load, the output drives to within 100 mV of the rails, even with a 2.7V supply. Applications include battery-powered, personal electronic devices such as cellular handsets, pagers, cordless phones, and other systems with limited space and battery power. Samples are available now; production lead times are six weeks.


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