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CMOS Process Boosts Analog IC Voltages

Described as revolutionary, the company’s iCMOS process technology combines high-voltage silicon with sub-micron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies to yield analog devices capable of withstanding voltages up to 30V. Equally important, the technology forecasts ICs that reduce power consumption up to 85% in packages that are 30% smaller than current CMOS devices. In essence, iCMOS industrial process technology creates a new category of analog components that are able to operate in electrically noisy environments without the cost of additional ICs required by other CMOS processes. Initial devices can withstand up to 30V, however the technology offers an optional drain extension that will extend operation up to 50V. Another attribute is its ability to fully isolate components from the substrate or each other, an attribute that translates into a single chip that can mix-and-match 5V CMOS with 16V, 24V, or 30V CMOS circuitry, with multiple voltage supplies running to the same chip. The ability to accommodate multiple voltages allows users to quickly integrate memory in devices that may require post-fabrication configuration. By allocating on-chip memory for digital calibration, for example, a/d converters can be quickly and easily adjusted to account for integral non-linearity, offset gain, or other parameters. In terms of higher integration, iCMOS d/a converters are able to include amplifiers, eliminating the need for additional chips. As a further example of performance benefits and space savings, multiplexers fabricated with the process promise on resistances in the realm of 3Ω to 4Ω with a reduction of on-resistance flatness to 0.5Ω in a 16-pin TSOP. The company’s first iCMOS based offerings include a quad 16-bit d/a converter (AD5764), true bi-polar, 13- and 12- to 16-bit multi-channel a/d converters (AD732x and AD765x), a precision op amp (AD8661), and several switches (ADG12xx) and multiplexers (ADG14xx). For further information, call ANALOG DEVICES INC., Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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