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Co-Packaged Diode Pair Improves Horizontal Control In Monitors

The new FFPF60B150DS co-packaged damper and modulation diode pair is designed to improve horizontal voltage control in color televisions and monitors. Housed in fully isolated TO-220 package, the two chips are rated at 1,500V (damper diode) and 600V (modulation diode) for high reliability, and feature high-speed switching and low conduction losses. The diode pair contains both the damper diode in the horizontal output stage and the modulation diode, connected in series with a center tap to access the voltage across the modulation diode. The forward voltage drop of the modulation diode is 2.2V maximum at 20A. For the damper diode, the forward voltage drop is 1.6V maximum at 6A. The reverse recovery time is 90 ns maximum for the modulation diode and 170 ns maximum for the damper diode. The reverse recovery times specified for the diode pair are among the lowest guaranteed ratings, the company says. The pair is priced at $0.35 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR INTERNATIONAL, San Jose, CA. (408) 822-2279.


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