Electronic Design

Crosspoint Switches/Multiplexers Offer High Bandwidth And Low Power

Addressing the demands for higher bandwidth and lower power consumption, the ADV32xx family of 16 × 16 buffered crosspoint switches and buffered multiplexers target pro A/V switching and distribution system applications such as video conferencing and digital signage. The ADV3226 and ADV3227 16 × 16 crosspoint switches deliver 1.2W from a ±5V supply and an operating speed of 700 MHz. The 2-to-1 ADV3219 and ADV3220 and the 4-to-1 ADV3221 and ADV3222 multiplexers offer a bandwidth at 650 MHz. Additionally, the switches operate with the company’s family of high-speed video amplifiers including the AD8003 triple high-speed, current feedback amplifier. Prices for the switches are $76.50 each and the multiplexers start at $1.75 each. ANALOG DEVICES, INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 426-2564.
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