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Current-Output 14-Bit DAC Squeezes Into Tiny SOT-23

If you need a wide-bandwidth, current-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) where space is at a premium, try the AD5453. This 14-bit current-output multiplying device comes in a tiny SOT-23 package that measures 2 by 2 mm and has a multiplying bandwidth of more than 10 MHz.

Made on Analog Devices' submicron CMOS process, the AD5453 features four-quadrant multiplication, a 50-MHz serial interface, and a ± 10-V input reference. It operates from a supply voltage of 2.5 to 5.5 V and is guaranteed to be monotonic over the extended operating-temperature range of −40°C to 125°C. It typically draws 5 µ A of current, suiting it for portable battery-powered applications.

The double-buffered three-wire serial interface is compatible with serial peripheral interface (SPI), queued SPI, Microwire, and most DSP interface standards. The applied external reference input voltage determines the full-scale output current. Additionally, the DAC boasts power-on-reset with brownout detection.

An integrated feedback resistor provides temperature tracking and full-scale voltage output when combined with an external precision voltage-to-current amplifier. Once powered up, the DAC's internal shift register and latches are filled with zeros, and the DAC output is set at zero scale.

The AD5453 is pin-compatible with other AD545X DACs like the 8-bit AD5450, the 10-bit AD5451, and the 12-bit AD5452. In 1000-piece quantities, the AD5453 costs $4.99 each. Samples are available now, with full production expected in July.

Analog Devices Inc.
(800) 262-5643

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