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DAC Eyes High-Volume Communication System Apps

The dynamic performance, speed and cost required in high-volume communication systems is said to be met with the DAC902 high-speed digital-to-analog converter. The 12-bit chip is optimized for a variety of communications applications, including transmitters for cellular/paging base stations, wireless local loop, wireless LANs, satellites, set-top boxes, and cable modems. Test instrumentation such as arbitrary waveform generators and other signal generation and control equipment can also benefit from the device, as well as medical ultrasound systems, video, and imaging. In addition, the DAC supports a wide range of 2.7V to 5.5V applications, allowing for use in portable and battery-powered systems. Other key features include high update rate, high SFDR, low glitch, and an internal 1.24V reference. Power consumption is 170 mW at 5V or 45 mW in power-down mode. The SOIC-28s cost from $9.95 each/1000.


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