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DACs Work At 40-MHz Pace With 2.7V-3.3V Supply

Imaging, high-speed communication and signal synthesis systems are among the application areas being targeted by a new series of CMOS D/A converters that are capable of handling 40-MHz update rates while operating from 2.7V to 3.3V supplies. The MAX5180 series DACs include 8- and 10-bit, single and dual, and voltage- and current-output versions complete with an on-chip 50-ppm/°C, low-noise reference.
The DACs deliver ±0.5 LSB INL and DNL and are guaranteed monotonic. And the dual versions are said to offer 4x lower power at 3V than the nearest competing parts while providing ±1% FSR gain and 0.15° phase matching in I/Q reconstruction (transmit) applications. In addition, two selectable idle modes reduce power dissipation to as low as 1 µA when the app is inactive.
The dual 8- and 10-bit DACs come in 28-pin QSOPs, with the latter (MAX5180/5183) priced at $4.41 each/1000, while the single 8- and 10-bit DACs are housed in 24-pin QSOPs, with the former (MAX5187/5190) costing $2.73 each.


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