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DAQ Module Measures Temp, Voltage, Or Provides Digital Control

A USB-based 8-channel data-acquisition module, the DLP-IO8-G, offers a convenient, low-cost way to acquire temperature data, measure voltage, and provide digital control. Users can configure the 8 channels independently as digital I/O, analog input, or in temperature mode. The module, from Future Technology Devices International Ltd., is based on the company’s FT232RL USB-to-serial UART IC. The unit, which comes with an attached USB cable with a type A plug, is powered directly from the host USB port and is compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0.

The DLP-IO8-G is suited for a wide range of industrial process control and monitoring applications. Its compact size—2.47 by 0.89 in.—also makes it ideal for desktop prototyping and evaluation. Voltage measurements are made with the onboard 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, with a 0- to 5-V range. With the addition of a temperature sensor, the unit measures from 67°F to 257°F. In the digital mode, the output can be set high or low and the input can read high or low. The module is lead-free.

The DLP-IO8-G costs $29.95. Royalty-free device drivers for all popular operating systems are available from the company’s web site.

Visit www.ftdichip.com.

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