Electronic Design

Dates For Analog/Mixed-Signal Wafer Runs Scheduling Now

Fabless companies looking to prototype new analog and mixed-signal designs may want to contact PolarFab, which is scheduling 2005 runs on its PolarShuttle multiproject, fast-track wafer program. PolarShuttle combines designs from multiple companies for quicker turnaround and provides guaranteed wafer ship dates. Circuits can be fabricated using PolarFab's bipolar, biCMOS, or biCMOS-DMOS (BCD) processes.

Reservations for a PolarShuttle run are accepted up to four weeks prior to the tape-out schedule for each process. Multiproject wafers for single customers can be scheduled at their convenience. Pricing is based on customer requirements. Samples are available in prototype packages or as bare die.

View the PolarShuttle schedule at www.polarfab.com/polarshuttle.asp.


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