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DC/DC Converters Provide Three Sequencing Methods

Via a tracking pin and integrated multiplexer, the TPS54x80 series switcher with integrated FET technology (SWIFT) dc/dc converters allow for three different sequencing methods: simultaneous, sequential, and ratiometric. The converters regulate to a voltage down to 0.891V and contain two MOSFETs that supply up to 9A of continuous output current over their operating temperature range. Other features include a fixed or variable PWM frequency of 350 kHz or 280 kHz to 700 kHz, respectively, power up/down tracking, power good/enable, current limiting, and thermal shutdown. For applications that require a pre-bias output condition, the TPS54x73 SWIFT dc/dc converters claim reliable power-up when core and I/O voltages need to track each other within a specific voltage differential during start up. They include a disable current sinking during startup (DSDS) feature that ensures the pre-biased load will not be pulled to ground. The TPS54x80 and TPS54x73 converters are available in 20- or 28-pin PowerPAD HTSSOPs with prices starting at $3.45 each/1,000. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924, ext. 4500.


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