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Development Board Shortcuts FPAA-Application Design

Designers or students who want to explore the possibilities of Anadigm's field-programmable analog arrays (FPAAs) can now do so with a development platform from Servenger LLC.

The company's PAM-5000R Programmable Analog Module (PAM) is a predesigned circuit board plus accessories. The package enables users to quickly and easily create analog sensor interfaces, measurement circuits, voice-band processing circuits, PID systems, and other analog functions using a software-controlled Anadigm AN221E04 FPAA.

Compatible with the AnadigmDesigner2 drag-and-drop EDA tool, the Servenger PAM provides power, control, clocking, input and output analog buffering, and serial communications to a Windows computer. Designers can format and store the downloaded design configuration file in an on-board EEPROM for later standalone operation.

Priced at $369, the Servenger PAM-5000R is available now for purchase online. For schools, discounted packages of five and 10 PAMs are also available.

Servenger LLC

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