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Diff Amps Drive Wide Range Of ADCs

Capable of driving 12- to 18-bit, high-speed a/d converters, the AD8139 and AD8137 differential amplifiers target high-bandwidth instrumentation, communications, military, and industrial applications. For 16-and 18-bit converters, the AD8139 specifies a 1.9 nV/rt-Hz input referred noise, 115 dBc SFDR at 1 MHz, and a 370 MHz bandwidth. It provides a rail-to-rail output and operates from a 5V supply. Working off a from 3V to 12V supply, the AD8137 is suitable for use in battery-operated applications and 10- to 14-bit data acquisition systems. It features a rail-to-rail output, 110 MHz bandwidth, 450 V/ms slew rate, and a quiescent current of 2.3 mA. Prices for the AD8139 and AD8137 are $3.59 and $1.09 each/1,000, respectively. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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